Phonewallet can be used as a HTC Desire wallet and certainly hold iPhones with protective cases.

Below I have comments received from a user of phonewallet, who surprised me by fitting his HTC Desire smartphone into the phonewallet.  The surprise was that as the phonewallet was designed for the iPhone and smartphones with  similar dimensions, that being about the 115mm length. The HTC Desire is 119mm, obviously where there is a will, there is a way and fortunately the napa leather of the phonewallet is more accommodating than what I suspected. I have also had a friend fit their iPhone with a protective case into the phonewallet and had thought that was just a one off, in that they may have got a size variation. I still recommend that if you want a protective case you use a microshell case and the Apple issued bumper case. I know the Apple issued bumper case fits as another friend, with the Apple issued bumper case tried it on my phonewallet and it was fine. I am currently having phonewallet made to specifically fit the Samsung Galaxy S, at 122.4 mm this will certainly accommodate the larger smartphones.

Shaun’s comments of  satisfaction with his phonewallet.

Yeah, thats fine post on your blog Terry.
I’m very happy with my purschase, it still looks and feels like new. I wouldn’t won’t to put a phone too much bigger than mine in the case as it would over stress the case and be difficult to take out.


From: Phonewallet <>
To: Shaun
Sent: Friday, 11 February 2011 8:00 PM
Subject: Okay to post your feedback on my blog?

Hi Shaun.

I have had several people contact me about fitting their larger phones into the phonewallet. Initially I was advising people against it, however your experience had me changing my mind. I would like to post your experience mentioned in your email on my Blog. I have copied your email below deleting any identifying information. Can you please let me know if you are okay with this or would like me to make any other changes.


Hi Terry,

My desire does fix into the phonewallet, but it is a squeeze. After taking the phone in out a few times the case sides have streched enough (without any stress)that it comes out faily easy. Instead of the walls of the case pointing inward they point outward. I have been able to fit my diesire into my old iphone case that i used to have, which is why I thought it would fix in your case too.

I have attached a photo of my phonewallet with htc desire inside.


Phonewallet as a HTC wallet
From: Phonewallet <>
To: Shaun
Sent: Monday, 24 January 2011 5:29 PM
Subject: Impressed you got your HTC desire phone into a phonewallet.

Hi Shaun.

So pleased you are happy with your phonewallet, I was under the impression that the HTC desire was at least 119 mm long. I also had another HTC user who’s phone was 119 mm long and I advised him against getting my phonewallet.
Can you check the link for me and confirm that you managed to squeeze a 119 mm phone into the 115mm phone pocket. Do you have to wrestle to get it out?
Re cardstar I love it, even most times it does not scan on the operator supermarket checkouts, it is good for the self checkout. Self checkout a more recent scanner. End result no cards carried as they just manually enter the barcode number.
On 24/01/2011, at 5:13 PM, Shaun wrote:
Thanks Terry,

I recieved the wallet today, its great. And excellet service.
I found your site by a google search of ‘iphone wallet’. Even though i don’t have an iphone, i was trying to find somthing that would fit my HTC desire.

I have now also installed the cardstar app on my phone too, not bad.

Cheers, Shaun.

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