User Comments, this is the place to raise your praise or list what you would like to improve about phonewallet. Your comments help others.

Okay lets start off by remembering what Poet John Lydgate stated, “You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” My goal is to try to please as many smartphone users as possible. Favourable and critical, it is all good as it helps others make an informed decision. If any doubt exists about your comfortability in buying a phonewallet, remember that you can return your phonewallet with no restocking fees and receive a full refund for your purchase along with your return mail costs, that is my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

About phonewallet

The phonewallet blog aims to inform you about: - Information and links to new developments to be excited about or simply amazed at, and how they relate to smartphone users. - The future plans and the recent developments of phonewallet. - The progress of the phonewallet philanthropic marketing ventures. - Provide another means for those interested to provide feedback, comments and suggestions.
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5 Responses to User Comments, this is the place to raise your praise or list what you would like to improve about phonewallet. Your comments help others.

  1. phonewallet says:

    Comments I have received by email and my responses.
    +“Just to let you know I received the wallet yesterday as you said. It’s great mate, I’m very happy with it” Luke 10/3/11

    +“As a busy working mother – I was looking for a product that could keep my iphone, and my cards (and perhaps a little cash) all together – and fit in my pocket if needed (especially great when doing the grocery shopping!) – your product certainly satisfy’s that need, in a great colour and simple design” Lee 18/3/11

    +“Receieved [sic] the wallet in the post yesterday, thank you so much – it’s exactly what I was looking for and came so quickly! The leather quality is wonderful and it is by far the best looking iPhone wallet I could find. Thank you again for creating such a good quality product, good luck in the future I’m sure you guys will do very well!” Alice 6/4/11

    -Hi Terry,
    Thank you for your email and I have received the Phonewallet in the post.
    I have now had a chance to test out the Phonewallet and unfortunately there a few things I would like to give you feedback on:

    – The clear ID card section is larger than a standard card and the ID can slide out easily
    – The actual section for the phone is rather tight and I did find it difficult to get the phone out when it rang
    – When the Phonewallet was full with 5 cards and my iPhone, it was too bulky for my jeans pocket

    I believe the Phonewallet is a great idea, however it is more suitable for a ladies handbag, rather than a mans pocket.
    As a result of the above, I will be returning the Phonewallet to you via the post tomorrow.
    When received, could you please arrange for a refund, less the $5 donation as I am happy for you to forward this to the Flood Appeal.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,
    Ryan 5/5/11

    Response to Ryan:
    Hi Ryan

    Thank you for your feedback I fully appreciate it when it is provided and want to ensure that it is acknowledged for you and that it provides consideration for others. I will refund you the full amount plus your postage. Paypal does not allow me to refund more than the purchase price, so if you like I can transfer the whole amount to an account of your choosing or just do the postage separately, please let me know what works best for you.

    I am aware that the ID card section is large and can permit the ID card to slip out, my experience was that the ID card (my licence) would stay in location and on occasions when it would go to slide that it was still contained within the wallet, I can understand how that is a negative for you and ultimately I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

    Being leather the phonewallets are initially tight and do stretch to the point where I can comfortably remove my iPhone when it rings, to have the phonewallet loosely fitting to start with would also create the problem of the iPhone slipping out of the phone pocket.

    Being to bulky for your jeans pocket is not a comfortable feeling and I fully understand your point, I to found a similar experience with a pair of my jeans, thankfully that was only one pair for me and I have been comfortable with the phonewallet in my jeans / trousers pocket, especially since I feel more secure with my phonewallet personally on me. Bulkiness is an individual comfort level, I know this from a story recounted to me about a sister of a friend who places her phonewallet in her bra when at nightclubs, having previously had her iPhone stolen from her handbag on more than one occasion.

    As I indicate on the phonewallet website about us page:
    Phonewallet, is it for you?
    Poet John Lydgate stated, “You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” My goal is to try to please as many smart phone users as possible.

    From over 140 phonewallets purchased yours is the second to be returned (the first was from a buyer who found his iPhone 4 would not fit in the phone pocket with his bumper case and he needed the bumper case for his iPhone to work) I am very happy for any phonewallets to be returned if buyers are not 100% happy for any reason they identify, ultimately it comes down to the individual satisfaction and I fully accept that what is satisfactory to others is not satisfactory to all.

    I appreciate your consideration of the $5 donation to the Flood Appeal and I will still make the donation whilst giving you your full refund. The $5 donation to the Flood Appeal is to thank you for your time in providing your feedback and that there is a positive for your experience despite the phonewallet not satisfying you. As I mentioned above please advise me of what will work best for you in regard to your refund. Again thank you for your feedback as I am sure it will also be valued by others as well. I will post your feedback on the phonewallet blog for customer feedback to help others make their decision about if a phonewallet is for them.

    Terry Meanwell

    Ryan received a full refund (4/6/11), despite the phonewallet never being received, at least someone got to benefit from the phonewallet in the end, at a loss to me, the choice of being ethical or legal. (Update 7/7/11 Australia Post finally delivered Ryan’s returned phonewallet 4/7/11 Better late than never?)

    I bought a wallet for my partner and it is very good but has one
    problem. When the iPhone 4 is removed anything in the cleat picket
    falls out as it is too loose. Even if is has a bunch if cards in it.
    I’d like a wallet for myself but wonder if you have an option with a
    narrower clear pocket or something like that?

    Great idea for the charity donation by the way, was important I’m
    choosing your product. (to date over $800 has been donated to charities, being $5 from each sale)

    Kind regards
    Gerry 27/5/11

    Response to Gerry:
    Hi Gerry

    I unfortunately do not have an option with a narrower clear pocket. In designing the clear window to accommodate a photo or ID it can be loose for the item placed within it. Good for photos but can be problematic for smaller items as you are experiencing. My own experience was that the ID card (my licence) would stay in location and on occasions when it would go to slide that it was still contained within the wallet, I can understand how that is a negative for you and ultimately I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. I am more than happy to give you a full refund and can post to you a return paid envelope if you like. I am exploring other options as mentioned in the video clip link which may be of interest to you, the video clip at 16mb was to large to attach to this email. A link to the video clip will follow this one.

    I am happy for you to return the phonewallet and I will still make the charity donation for your disappointment, that way still a win outcome.

    Please let me know what will work best to make you happy.

    Terry Meanwell

    The video clip made for Gerry can be seen on youtube below

    Gerry’s response:
    Hi Terry,

    Thanks so much for the reply and the effort you put into this. I’ve never experienced such good customer service before! Halina is happy with her wallet so will hang onto it. It is nicely made. I’ll play with it a bit myself and either get a black one or check back in when the next version is available.

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards
    Gerry 28/5/11

    + I just received them! Excellent quality leather, nice and soft. I love the right handed feature of your wallet. My Droid 2 Global without the protective case fits perfectly. With credit cards, driver license and some bills, the wallet does not close flat but hopefully in time as the leather stretches. Cynthia 11/6/11 (Cynthia was reassured that the leather does stretch and sits flat after a couple of days, to date Cynthia is another satisfied phonewallet owner. The youtube clip above also shows how my own iPhone in the phonewallet sits flat)

  2. Brendan says:

    I’m still waiting for you to stock the wallets for larger devices (even though my phone isn’t quite as large as the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy, but it is bigger than an iPhone), so this isn’t from someone who has actually tried your wallets or anything.

    That being said, I have no idea how well this would work, but I think it would be really cool if you made a wallet where the front most card slot was removed, and replaced with a series of smaller pouches for SD and micro SD cards, and maybe one for a rectangular USB flash drive. I did notice in some of your videos, your design for larger devices has a bit of space below the card slots on the left hand side. Maybe this could be used?

    One other thing I noticed, you have one of your YouTube videos embedded on this page, but if you try to watch it, it says that embedding has been disabled. I don’t know if this was your intention or not.

  3. phonewallet says:

    Hi Brendan
    I am happy to work with you in seeking a phonewallet that meets your needs. I am currently working on offering a solution for individual needs / requests. At present despite trying to have my phonewallets manufactured in Australia (advised they could make them, however the cost would make them to expensive to be competitive) they are made in either China or Bali.

    China has a minimum order of 1000 and it is a hit and miss approach on getting individual needs / requests achieved in addition to the minimum order. Bali on the other hand are happy to do one off orders, with limited numbers. My Bali manufacturer Tommy achieved the individual modifications for the HTC Desire HD and Samsung GalaxyS.

    Tommy who does my modifications is a great leather worker, and is assisted by his partner Desma. Tommy and Desma are committed to excellent work and are keen to work with me. They have demonstrated their commitment in twice attempting to make a suitable modification (iPhone4) for me and they themselves deciding it was not acceptable to the specifications I was seeking. To make you a phonewallet with different dimensions / pockets is a possibility. Best you give me a call on 0423 046 036 and we can discuss what will work for you.

    A big thank you, for also advising me that the youtube clip was not working properly.


    • Brendan says:

      Oh, I’m not that worried about it. I just thought I’d mention it in case you did happen to find a market for it. I can’t imagine it would be all that marketable though.

      • phonewallet says:

        Hi Brendan

        I will never really know the size of a market, until people like you, express what would be good for them. Google keyword search gives some insights, but real requests are valuable to me, just as your desire was. It was that way getting the larger phonewallet for the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung Galaxy S, as a few people contacted me with that desire. I am still evolving and getting my product known , but hope to grow with the assistance of people like you taking the time to pass on your suggestions and desires.

        Thank you for taking the time to pass on your comments.

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