Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) Donation

a-meaningful-life Phonewallet BGF Donation 1312

Phonewallet BGF Donation 1306

Sales of  phonewallets contributing to donations of $210.00 to BGF.

Phonewallet for the Samsung Galaxy S4, now available, plus other large smartphones with similar dimensions.

Total all donations to date $3155:00, yet to make a profit but as the Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie stated “the man who dies rich, dies disgraced”

About phonewallet

The phonewallet blog aims to inform you about: - Information and links to new developments to be excited about or simply amazed at, and how they relate to smartphone users. - The future plans and the recent developments of phonewallet. - The progress of the phonewallet philanthropic marketing ventures. - Provide another means for those interested to provide feedback, comments and suggestions.
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