A better Phonewallet and continuing donations.

Don't give up

A long time since an update. It has taken over a year to source a new Phonewallet. Not giving up has resulted in the best Phonewallet to date.

Why the best:

(1) Sourced from a 25 year old registered Fair Trade Organisation, Craft Resource Centre in India.

(2) Made from Eco Leather. That is leather processed and dyed only using environmentally friendly means. No chemicals for preserving (chromium, Formaldehyde) or dyeing, only vegetable dyes are used.

The first buyer of the new Phonewallet, a past customer stated
“Picked up my phone wallet today from the post office and just wanted to let you know I think it’s great. I love the eco leather, the vegetable dye has a lovely patina and I like it even better than my last one. Thanks!”

Continuing the donations, donations to date $3431.50

Phonewallet BGF Donation 1406

Phonewallet BGF Donation 1502

Phonewallet iPhone 6s Fair Trade

About phonewallet

The phonewallet blog aims to inform you about: - Information and links to new developments to be excited about or simply amazed at, and how they relate to smartphone users. - The future plans and the recent developments of phonewallet. - The progress of the phonewallet philanthropic marketing ventures. - Provide another means for those interested to provide feedback, comments and suggestions.
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